Aviator is lifting motor technology to new heights

Innovative design results in extended motor life with measurable benefits
unequalled by traditional models.

Expand Your Business Vision

Expand your industry with unparalled output guidedby cooperative expertise.

Key Design Benefits

Long Useful Lifetime

Rugged design built to withstand the mostdemanding environments.

High Power Density

Improved power-to-weight ratio over existing technology.

Stable Material Costs

Motor design constructed using fewer raw materials and rare Earth metals.

High Efficiency

Increased flight times for critical tasksin key industries.

Industry Stats


Total annual drone sales in 2016.


Total number of drones registered with the FAA.


To be spent on military and civilian drones between 2016 and 2020.


The number of pilots needed to fly commercial drones by 2022.

Unrivaled innovation and efficiency are on the horizon

Drone technology is changing rapidly in unique and exciting ways. We know your challenges and we’re ready to meet your needs through high-performance, customized solutions with precision and power.


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